Hello Welcome by "Die Münchner Spitzbuam" (The Munich Spitzbuam)

 " The Munich Spitzbuam " play from the solo entertainer, DUET, TRIO, quartet, quintet or bigger occupation (also wind music) on arrangements of all kind as well as October party in Munich and at home and abroad with big success. We also play without music layout (electricity) of table to table, Bavarian Oldies hit Modern October party party

Dinner-Unterhaltung-Stimmung-Tanzmusik or also with various show inserts brings a lot joke and fun or competitions with the guests, also amusing poems and jokes inserts according to demand


or zither music (solo entertainer) with song and also dance music, Bavarian Wienerisch-modern, Dinner-Unterhaltung-Stimmung-Tanzmusik


or nightmare horn-blower Solo, DUET or TRIO, e.g., for your reception as an insert


or various show inserts quits saws, quits milking with the cow's dummy "Resi", beer mug stemming, Schnupfmaschine, Fingerhackeln, Wett-Nageln with the guests etc. ... provides for a lot of fun and fun for all Jung and Jung remaining ones


or Schuhplattler-and Goiß ` l Schnalzer inserts


or Stub ` n music, Alpenländische Adventliche Christmassy ways


With pleasure we discuss you with the program creation